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You need each other (1)

4th Feb, 2023

You need each other (1)

"God made a woman...and... brought her to the man." Ge 2:22 NIV

Before God gave Adam a wife, He gave him a calling.

Then He explained to Adam that he would need help to fulfill that calling; he would never reach his maximum potential on his own because he was incomplete. 

Adam didn't realize that until God revealed it to him. And how did He reveal it? Once Adam started naming the animals in the garden, he was in a position to see that each of them had a partner.  Every creature had another creature just like him or her, whereas Adam didn't. 

Notice: God didn't give Adam a wife until he generated in him the realization that he needed one. We value something or someone once we realize how vital they are. One of the most common complaints counselors hear is that one of the partners in a marriage feels unneeded. But when God joins you, and you understand how each of you contributes to the relationship, you both feel needed. 

The first thing in Scripture God declared "not good" (v. 18 NIV) was that Adam was alone. 

Note the word "fashioned" (v. 22 NAS), which means to design intricately and build carefully. 

God gave Adam a partner specifically designed to carry out the instruction He had previously given him-namely, to "rule" (Ge 1:28 NIV). 

He gave Eve to Adam so he would have someone to collaborate with in achieving the purpose he had been created for. Eve wasn't taken from Adam's head to be above him, or from his feet to be beneath him. She was created from one of his ribs, a protected place close to his heart. 

That way they could work side by side to fulfill their purpose. Bottom line: You need each other.

We value something or someone once we realize how vital they are. 

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