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When your best isn't good enough

19th Jan, 2023

When your best isn't good enough

"Master...because you say so, I will." Lk 5:5 NIV

You say: "What happened to the verse in Galatians 6 that promises whatever you sow you will also reap? I gave it my best shot. I trusted, sacrificed, did the right things, yet reaped nothing." Whether it's a lack of reaping in your finances, job, marriage, children, or ministry, it's discouraging and sometimes makes you feel like quitting. The disciples were experienced fishermen. But they had fished all night and caught nothing, so now they were discouraged.

And that's when Jesus showed up! When they thought there was nothing more that could be done, He stepped into their boat. And He still works that way. As long as you think you can handle the situation yourself, Jesus knows you will keep trying to. 

So, He waits until you have exhausted your resources and acknowledged that you are out of options, then He gets involved. "Put out into deep water, and let down the nets for a catch," He instructed (Lk 5:4 NIV). 

Peter replied, "We have already tried that and the fish just aren't biting." Maybe Peter was thinking, "Lord, you're the preacher, but I'm a professional fisherman. If there was anything out there, I would have caught it." Jesus was saying, "This time, try it my way!" Peter replied, "Master...because you say so, I will." And that's when the miracle happened. 

Whatever Peter thought or felt, he obeyed Jesus anyway. That, too, is when your situation begins to change. When you're clueless and helpless, thinking there is no way out, just get quiet and listen, and Jesus will tell you what to do. And when He does, even though you have questions, say, "Master, because you say so, I will obey." Then, prepare for results only God can give.

Prepare for results only God can give.

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