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What you don't learn in school

26th Jul, 2023

What you don't learn in school

"Her children respect and bless her: her husband joins in with words of praise." Pr 31:28 MSG

Where do children learn to think highly of their mothers? Who sets the pattern for their young minds, positioning Mom as the much-loved and respected member of the family-instead of being merely considered "chief cook and bottle washer?" At school, children learn the skills necessary to succeed on the job, but at home, they learn the skills necessary for building a family. And the best public relations agent for Mom- is Dad. 

Father, you wield tremendous influence over what your children think of their mother and women in general. 

When your children grow up with warring parents, they think, "If Dad can argue with Mom, then so can I." In short, your attitudes and actions become the attitudes and actions of your children. 

In a world that often discounts the contribution of women, especially homemakers, it's up to you as a husband and father to say in a dozen different ways, 

  • "Your mother is a wonderful woman! 

  • She works hard and she deserves tremendous credit for what she gives us all. 

  • As far as I'm concerned, she is number one!" 

Proverbs 31 says, "Her children respect and bless her." 

Who did they learn that from? Television? Their peer group? School? No, they learned it at home.

Here is the bottom line: The way you treat your wife is probably the way your son will treat his wife. Your children may not follow your advice, but often they will follow your example. 

"Reward her for all she has done. Let her deeds publicly declare her praise" (V.31 NLT).

"Her children respect and bless her."

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