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Take a faith-based risk (3)

JUL. 5, 2024

Take a faith-based risk (3)

"I will build my church, and the gates of Hades will not overcome it." Mt 16:18 NIV

Gates are defensive devices, and storming those gates requires offensive measures. Think of the church as a battering ram.

Instead of complaining about the culture, we need to present better options. We must produce higher-caliber movies and compose more extraordinary music, write more notable books, and start superior schools and form better businesses. 

The old aphorism indicates we should stop cursing the darkness and start lighting some candles. In Roaring Lambs, Robert Briner writes: "Why not believe that one day the most critically acclaimed director in Hollywood could be an active Christian layman in his church? Why not hope that the Pulitzer Prize for investigative reporting could go to a Christian journalist on staff at a major daily newspaper? Is it really too much of a stretch to think that a major exhibit at the Museum of Modern Art could feature the works of an artist on staff at one of our fine Christian colleges? Am I out of my mind to suggest that your son or daughter could be the principle dancer for the Joffrey Ballet Company, leading a weekly Bible study for other dancers in what was once considered a profession that was morally bankrupt?" Paul didn't criticize the philosophers on Mars Hill and tell them they were going to hell. Pointing to their altar to the unknown God, he indicated, "I've come to tell you who He is, and His name is Jesus." What was the result? "Some mocked, while others said, 'We will hear you again on this matter'" (Ac 17:32 NKJV). 

Go ahead; take a faith-based risk and see what happens.

Take a faith-based risk  Stop cursing the darkness and start lighting some candles


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