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Knowing who belongs in your life.

MAY. 17, 2024

Knowing who belongs in your life.

"I will test them to determine who will go with you." Jdg 7:4 NLT

Gideon chose thirty-two thousand soldiers to fight the Midianites. But the truth is, you don't need lots of people in your life, you just need the right people. So when Gideon said, "Whoever is timid or afraid may.go home" (v.3 NLT), twenty-two thousand soldiers left. 

But God told him he still had too many, and added, "I will test them to determine who will go with you and who will not." Consequently, Gideon ended up with three hundred soldiers—but they won the day! Don't worry about numbers; God can still do more with less. Just be prepared to lose some friends, for where God is taking you, they can't go. 

God took the same spirit that rested on Moses and placed it on seventy leaders so they could help him (See Nu11:16-17). 

That's what you need — people with the same spirit as you. Just because somebody is talented doesn't mean they belong in your life. If spiritual gifts are the standard by which we measure, what about Balaam's donkey? He prophesied (See Nu 22:21-33)! 

The important question is, "Does this person have the right spirit?"  As you work with others, recognize that we all have certain things in common. People like to feel special, so compliment them (just make sure it's genuine). 

  • They want a better tomorrow, so give them hope. 

  • They want direction, so lead them. 

  • They're self-concerned, so address their needs first. 

  • They get low emotionally, so encourage them. 

  • They want success, so help them achieve it. 

Your success depends on having the right people in your life-and that's why you must pray and rely on God's guidance.

Knowing who belongs in your life

The right spirit?

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