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Keep your conscience clear.

MAY. 21, 2024

Keep your conscience clear.

"Be faithful and have a clear conscience." 1Ti 1:19 CEV

Sometimes we want to justify what we are doing and say, "It feels right, so it can't be wrong." However, if God's Word says something is wrong, it's wrong, no matter how right it feels. 

The old adage, "Let your conscience be your guide," is only half the truth. The other half should read, "as long as your conscience is grounded in and guided by the clear teachings of God's Word." 

As a redeemed child of God, you are called to live by His commandments instead of your 

  • feelings, 

  • impulses, 

  • emotions, or 

  • popular thinking. 

When those things guide you, the winds of temptation can sweep you off course and shipwreck you. Paul writes: "Timothy, my son, the instructions I am giving you are based on what some prophets once said about you. If you follow these instructions, you will fight like a good soldier. You will be faithful and have a clear conscience. Some people have made a mess of their faith because they didn't listen to their consciences. Two of them are Hymenaeus and Alexander. I have given these men over to the power of Satan, so they will learn not to oppose God" (vv. 18-20 CEV). 

We don't know much about Hymenaeus and Alexander, but what we do know is sobering and instructive. They failed to develop, protect, and live by a conscience that was grounded in God's Word and ended up spiritually shipwrecked. What a graphic image: a ship broken to pieces on the rocks because it got off course. So the word for you today is-your conscience must be based on God's Word, and you must always keep it clear!

Keep your conscience clear

Spiritually shipwrecked.

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