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In the storm with Jesus (2)

JUL. 2, 2024

In the storm with Jesus (2)

"He…..said...'Peace, be still!' And the wind ceased and there was a great calm." Mk 4:39 NKJV

A pastor describes some storms in life: "You come home from work, walk into the kitchen, and find a note saying, 'I want out of the marriage! A clap of thunder! 

You go to the doctor anticipating a normal checkup, and the lab work comes back, and you have cancer.The wind howls! You go to bed at peace, only to be interrupted by a phone call at three in the morning telling you that your father has suddenly died of a heart attack. 

Your ship nearly capsizes! The only predictable thing about life's storms is their unpredictability. They sweep in when you least expect them." Jesus had told His disciples, "Let us cross over to the other side" (v. 35 NKJV). 

They should have realized that when He climbed aboard the boat, it became unsinkable. Inherent in His words was a promise of safe arrival. A difference exists between hearing a promise and believing it. Too frequently, we fail to believe that Jesus will accomplish what He has promised us. 

The pastor encourages us: "In those moments, we should remind ourselves that 

  • the sun may quit shining, 

  • the wind may start blowing, 

  • and the waves may begin crashing, 

  • but Jesus never fails to keep His promises…

Jesus wants you to... remember that there is no need to fear when He is near... He wants to be the Captain of your life's ship. You may not always be aware of Jesus, but He is there just the same. For those disciples, the safest place in the world...was right there in that boat. 

Because safety is not the absence of problems. Safety is the presence of Jesus."

In the storm with Jesus

Safety is the presence of Jesus.

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