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How to handle disappointment (3)

15th Jun, 2022

How to handle disappointment (3)

"So I gave up in despair, questioning the value of all my hard work." Ecc 2:20 NLT

When you're disappointed in those you work with. You won't succeed in life without the right people. But when the people you count on fail you, it's painful. Imagine Moses' disappointment. He leaves his brother Aaron in charge while he spends forty days on Mount Sinai receiving the Ten Commandments. When he returns, what does he find? Israel worshiping a golden calf-made by Aaron. When Moses needs him most, Aaron fails miserably.

But watch Moses: true leadership shines in disappointment.

He confronts Aaron, takes the mess to God, and prays for the forgiveness of Israel. God responds, then reminds Moses of his assignment.

"Go, lead the angel will go before you" (Ex 32:34 NIV)

Disappointment doesn't cancel your assignment-or God's presence. So do what God has told you to do! When you're disappointed in those you have poured your life into. Let's check in again with Moses, founding pastor of the church in the wilderness. His congregation is made up of former slaves who have been delivered, blessed, and who are en route to the Promised Land, but without a shred of loyalty or gratitude for the man who put everything on the line to make it possible. Fresh out of Egypt, they turn on Moses, accusing, blaming, and berating him (See Ex 14). Was Moses disappointed and hurt? Yes. But each time he wanted to quit, he would discuss it with God pray for his complaining flock, get fresh orders from headquarters, and return to work. That's what God- called men and women do when they're disappointed and feel like giving up.

And it's what you must do, too.

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