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Growing through criticism.

November 13, 2023

Growing through criticism.

"If you accept correction, you will be honored." Pr 13:18 NLT

Solomon said, "If you accept correction, you will be honored." Charlie Shedd gives us ten ways to grow through criticism: 

(1) Criticism is often a compliment. The barbs in daily life strike only those who raise their heads above ground level. Jesus said, "Count yourself blessed every time someone cuts you down... it means that the truth is too close for comfort and that that person is uncomfortable" (Lk 6:22 MSG). 

(2) Accept that you have faults which are open to censure. Stay humble, and criticism won't rattle you. 

(3) "The words of the godly save lives" (Pr 12:6 NLT). Invite criticism from friends; then when it comes from your enemies, you will be broken in. 

(4) Let criticism make you better. When you burn with anger, you destroy the passport to your own improvement. "When you do right and suffer for it...take it patiently" (1Pe 2:20 RSV).

(5) Some criticism should be ignored, especially if it stems from false motives.

Never give unhappy people the key to your happiness. 

(6) Keep it in perspective. Everybody hasn't heard. Most people don't care. One bad word doesn't cancel the good in you. 

(7) Let criticism make you kinder.

Remind yourself that you have criticized others too. Is this a boomerang that started in your own heart? 

(8) Pray for your critics. It will improve them and neutralize your bitterness. Hate destroys your health and steals your happiness. 

(9) Check with the Master Critic. What does God say? How do things look deep in your soul? 

(10) When you have checked to make sure you're right, move ahead. In quiet confidence finish what you started, because God's promises are to those who endure (See Heb 6:12).

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