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God will deliver you.

JUN. 8, 2024

God will deliver you.

"He heard me from heaven; my cry reached his ears." Ps 18:6 TLB

Have you suffered a series of defeats and setbacks? Are you discouraged because the attacks have been long and tiring? Read these words from the psalmist David and stand on them: "Lord, how I love you! For you have done such tremendous things for me...In my distress I screamed to the Lord for his help. And he heard me from heaven; my cry reached his ears...He reached down...and drew me out of my great trials...On the day when I was weakest, they attacked. But the Lord held me steady. He led me to a place of safety, for he delights in me. The Lord rewarded me for doing right...What a God he is! How perfect in every way! All his promises prove true. He is a shield for everyone who hides behind him. For who is God except our Lord? Who but he is as a rock? He fills me with strength and protects me wherever I go" (vv. 1, 6, 16, 18-20, 30-32 TLB). 

You have heard it before, and you know what to do-spend more time with God in prayer and reading His Word! Instead of striving in your own strength, plug into God and start flowing in His strength. Check and see who is on the throne of your life. If it's anyone other than the Lord, including yourself, it's an idol that must be dethroned. 

How long will this battle last? God knows, and He will never permit the attack you face to be greater than the great grace He provides. Today He is saying to you, "My grace is sufficient for thee: for my strength is made perfect in weakness" (2CO 12:9).

God will deliver you

Defeats and setbacks

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