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God and your work (1

October 29, 2023

God and your work (1)

"Whatever you do, do well." 

Ecc 9:10 NLT

In the Bible, you will notice that everybody works! And most of its heroes had secular vocations. Isaac developed real estate, Jacob was a rancher, Joseph served God best by staying in his well-paying government job rather than starting a nonprofit, faith-based organization to do charity work. Daniel was an immigrant who attended Babylon's version of Oxford and grew to be prime minister. Lydia was a profitable businesswoman in textiles.

Conceivably the ultimate expression of how much God values work is Jesus the carpenter. More than three-quarters of His life, He occupied Himself in the building profession, creating benches and tables, and was probably engaged in construction. 

The word we translate "carpenter" comes from the Greek word tektón, from which we get our word technology, and would contain the capability to do stone or masonry work. 

The Bible was penned by workers, about workers, and for workers. Work was God's idea. "The Lord God took the man and put him in the Garden of Eden to work it and take care of it" (Ge 2:15 NIV). 

The first man, Adam, was a landscaper. By identifying what you have been called to do in life and giving yourself fully to it, you are as "ordained" as any pastor who stands in a pulpit. It's a pity we use the word secular when it comes to any kind of work other than church work, because God doesn't see it that way. All honest work earns His smile of approval. When it comes to work, the thing He requires from you is wrapped up in these words: 

"Whatever you do, do well." Work was God's idea.

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