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Every child needs a hero

19th Jun, 2022

Every child needs a hero

"Who is it he is trying to teach? ... children." Isa 28:9 NIV

A concerned father wrote this letter to the sports coach at his son's school. "Dear Coach, I just read your letter to our son telling us of your expectations for your athletes. Johnny's mother and I couldn't agree more. We've long recognized the value derived from high school sports. Judging from your record you must teach the game very well. But there's another phase of coaching that's even more important. Let me explain. We're giving you our most prized possession.

During the next four years our son will make you one of our prime household conversations. He'll tell us how you could've made the team for the Green Bay Packers if only you hadn't hurt your knee back in '85. He'll tell us about your emotional halftime talk when you came from behind and beat a rival team. We'll hear about how you can still pass or kick the ball. And while we're hearing all this our son's eyes will shine. You see, Coach, he'll idolize you. We don't have heroes anymore. Many professionals would sell their souls for a buck.

Some college athletes made the news this year in a very negative manner. We know all athletes don't shoplift and do drugs, but that's what we hear about. So you're our son's hero, and we're relying on you. His muscles are nearly developed, but his mind is still fragile and impressionable.

Your responsibilities are great. Impress him, Coach. Pour it on!" The world's full of gangs, drugs, and violence because a kid picked the wrong hero. You can help change all that-if only for one child. Think about it. We don't have heroes anymore.

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