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Don't be a mudslinger

1st Sep, 2023

Don't be a mudslinger.

"The slingers surrounded and attacked it." 2Ki 3:25 NKJV

In Old Testament times, "slingers" were people who enjoyed going around blocking other people's wells by throwing mud and rocks into them-wells of water that were essential to their survival.  Today, mudslingers are people who make malicious attacks against others. Now, chances are that you may have encountered some "mudslingers" yourself, and even suffered at their hands. 

What should you do?

Avoid them because they're dangerous. You can't mud wrestle with a pig without getting dirty. Not only will the pig win-he will enjoy the fight! And if you yourself have become a slinger, here is a portion of Scripture you would do well to read and keep in mind: 

"If you stop making trouble for others...then your light will shine in the darkness, [you will begin to get attention from and have influence with the right people]...The Lord will always lead you [you will begin to make the right moves]. He will satisfy your needs in dry lands [He will give you success in the most unlikely places, and in spite of adverse circumstances] and give strength to your bones [cause you to live a long and healthy life]" (Isa 58:9-11 NCV). 

Now there is a benefit package worth working for! 

  • So, guard your thoughts because they become your words. 

  • Guard your words because they become your actions.

  • Guard your actions because they become your character. 

  • And guard your character because it determines the level of God's blessing in your life.

So, here is the word for you today: Don't be a mudslinger.

So, guard your thoughts because they become your words. 

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