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Build a relationship with your children.

23rd Feb, 2023

Build a relationship with your children.

"Except the Lord build the house, they labour in vain that build it." Ps 127:1

How would you describe your relationship with your children? 

  • Strained? 

  • Exciting? 

  • Heartbreaking?

Enjoyable? If you want a real eye-opener, ask them to describe their feelings about you and their home. But be warned--what they say might not be to your liking! And having a Christian home doesn't necessarily exempt you. The old nature in us still rears its ugly head from time to time, and habits set in concrete can lead to broken communication.

When biblical principles are ignored, the result is pain and strain in the family. Three illustrations come to mind: 

(1) Rebekah loved her son Jacob more than his brother Esau, so she used him to deceive their father, Isaac, and cause division in the family (See Ge 27). 

(2) Eli, the high priest, let his boys run wild, and in the end it cost him his life (See 1Sa 3-4). 

(3) David preached one thing but practiced another, and his children (as kids are apt to do) were more influenced by what he did than by what he said. (See 2Sa 11, 13, 15-16; 1Ki 11). Nobody is immune; not David, not Rebekah, not Eli-not you!

But evaluation is pointless if it leads to guilt without action. So what should you do? 

  • Take time to get close to your children. 

  • Deal with the barriers between you. 

If You can't change anything unless you're willing to acknowledge it-and sometimes change must begin with you. For example, does your attitude need adjusting? How about your priorities? What about the example you have been setting lately? Before you try to deal with your children, ask God to deal with you.

Take time to get close to your children.

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